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Name:Squalo Scans
Website:Squalo Scans LJ
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~ ♥ Squalo Scans ♥ ~

1- To join to this Dreamdith Community, you must have an active journal [not empty journals or inactive journals].

2- You must be ADULT to join us [+18].

3- DO NOT RE-PUBLISH MY WORKS IN ANY SITE, PLEASE (this include 4chan, YouTube, Tumblr, read-only sites, the entire internet).

4- If you want to translate any of my doujinshis, please, send me a PM and I'll give you permission to share the doujinshi, but you must to follow 2 conditions:
- Put a link to my journal in the doujinshi entry.

5- I will NOT ACCEPT someone who makes me troubles in my LJ Community.

This is a little scanlation group dedicated to scan doujinshis about the faboulous Varia team. Also, you can find here other characters too, like Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto, Hibari...
This site is for members only, so if you want to download any of our projects, please, join us.
Enjoy the Yaoi power~

If you like our works and you want to help us to keep giving you amazing doujinshis, please, donate! Any amount is greatly appreciated~
Don't forget to add your name/link when donating!

Ebil Trio
Darkstar [Scans]
Fuwa Syndrome
Kisha Club
Loving Forest

Scanner: Squalo Yaoi, Katja Dark
Translators: Crazyoverbishie, Squalo Yaoi, Schiyan
Editors: Squalo Yaoi, Katja_dark
Uploader: Squalo Yaoi

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